Why Try

It Is Safe

As you paraglide, you are connected to the wing by at least 30 different lines, which are all strong enough to support your weight.

It Is Comfortable

A modern paragliding harnesses are as cozy as sitting in a lounge chair – some even have built-in lumbar support.

Travel Opportunities

Staying local is easier, but will give considerably less opportunities for the big flights. Find your own tribe who are willing to travel on the good days.

Best Places To Go

Pokhara in Nepal

With astonishing vistas of the world’s tallest mountains, paragliding in Nepal’s Pokhara Valley is in every traveler’s bucket list.

Haa Valley in Bhutan

Haa is one of the most picturesque places enclosed by tree-covered hills makes it an ideal spot for paragliding in Bhutan.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is the gateway to Switzerland’s famous Jungfrau region. This is one of the most enticing adventure playgrounds.

What To Know

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    Understand The Weather

    Paragliding is a sport that totally relies on the weather. Therefore, as a paraglider you must know how to interpret the weather.

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    Understand The Basics Of Paragliding

    To be a professional paraglider, make sure you understand flying, aerodynamics, weather and more.

Heroes Behind the Company

First, we meet down the mountain in a previously agreed meeting point. Next, together we go up for approx. 30 minutes (cable car and short walk) to reach the flight starting point. Finally, after a fantastic flying experience of about 20 to 30 minutes, we land in another valley.

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